U.TECH: Using Technology to Enhance Counseling Helpfulness


U.TECH Using Technology to Enhance Counseling Helpfulness – is a web-based resource for counselors to expand their counseling “tool box”. The information presented on the utechcounseling.com website was gathered from approximately four hundred members of MASCA (Massachusetts School Counselors Association) in the Spring of 2002 who responded to a survey from the U.TECH creator requesting information about their overall and specific uses of and experiences with technology in their work. Actual samples of technology-generated products and websites were also requested, as well as any encountered barriers to using technology, recommended supports, and recommendations for counselor education programs.

The technology-generated counseling products currently displayed on the U.TECH website, were developed by graduate students in the Department of Counselor Education at Bridgewater State College; they are presented with permission. The U.TECH focus was and continues to be on readily available and accessible software commonly found in many educational settings and/or bundled on the counselor's personal computer, rather than on the latest cutting edge software applications.

The U.TECH website presents survey information in a user-friendly way which counselors, counselors-in-training, and counselor educators can use for the development, delivery, and management of counseling services, professional development planning, counselor education, and advocacy. U.TECH is for technophobes, the technology novice, as well as those with advanced skills in technology. It is hoped that this information will ultimately increase counselor use of technology in their work, facilitate thinking outside of the “box”, and increase counselor confidence and competence in this area.

U.TECH survey and initial website construction were funded through a grant by the Center for the Advancement of Research and Teaching (CART) of Bridgewater State College (BSC). The contributions of the following people are also acknowledged. Thanks to Carl Walker for his active contributions to the initial project design and survey construction , to Alison Gil, the project's research assistant, for her assistance during the coding phase of the project, to Sarah O'Connell for her help with websites, to Jodi Craft – the project's school counseling consultant, to Aaron Long for the first stage of U.TECH website construction, to Justin Rose for designing the U.TECH logo , to the BSC counseling students who agreed to have their counseling activities displayed on the U.TECH website, to Jayanthi Srinath, for her tireless web development efforts, and to Eileen O'Sullivan who generously provided her time and expertise to help bring the U.TECH web site to its current level.  And again – many thanks to the members of MASCA who made time in their busy schedules to participate in the survey process.

About the U.TECH Creator

Counseling-enhancing software applications

Click on this link to access counselor reported information on counseling-enhancing uses of the following nine (9) software applications/technology, which are commonly available in many schools and/or on the counselor's home computer: Boardmaker, Email, Excel, Hyperstudio, Inspiration/Kidspiration, Internet, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word Processing. Counseling issues addressed, as well as samples of technology-generated counseling products with activity instructions are also provided.

Elementary, middle and high school-specific resources

Click on this link to access Elementary, Middle, and High School-specific information about the nine (9) surveyed software applications/technology, as well as links to websites recommended by school counselors working with their indicated population group.

Other software applications used by elementary, middle and high school counselors

Click on this link to access information about additional software applications that school counselors report using in their work. Active web links, and brief descriptions for these software applications are provided.

Websites recommended by school counselors

Click on this link to directly access counselor-recommended websites. Active web links and a brief site description are also provided for your information and convenience.

Barriers to using technology reported by school counselors

Click on this link to access counselor-experienced barriers to using technology in their work. This is useful information to help others better understand and positively address the school counselors' multiple roles and responsibilities, as well as their professional development, technology, and support needs.

Needed supports recommended by school counselors to increase their use of technology

Click on this link to access counselor-recommended supports to increase their use of technology in their work. This information can be useful for advocacy efforts and professional development planning.

Training recommendations offered by school counselors

Click on this link to access counselor-identified training recommendations. This section presents important information for counselor educators, as well as for counselor advocacy efforts and professional development planning.

Lesson ideas, Templates, and Tutorials

Click on the provided links to access a variety of lesson ideas for guidance, counseling, and prevention activities, as well as templates, and tutorials to facilitate your use of U.TECH's surveyed software applications.